The Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet

The Best Running Shoes for Narrow Feet

What To Look For

Attempt to get a proper measurement to determine the size of shoe you need. Narrow widths may be denoted in different ways by different manufacturers. For some, D is the standard width for mens' shoes, with items denoted B classified narrow and 2A extra narrow; for women, B is standard, 2A is narrow and 4A is extra narrow. For others, shoes may begin with A as the most narrow measurement and work through the alphabet as width increases. Still others may simply use N for narrow, M for medium or R for regular.

Width is only a small part of finding the best shoe for your run. Other considerations are more important in overall selection. These include any chronic conditions (pronation, injuries), the height and condition of your arch, the running surface and number of miles you cover.

Common Pitfalls

Each manufacturer may make their shoe a bit differently. Try on each brand before you buy, as even a specific width may not conform to the same measurements among all manufacturers, and the measurement may not fit your foot in precisely the same way.

Foot size changes as we age and with changes in our bodies. Avoid choosing your footwear through vanity. Have your feet measured each time you replace your shoes. Find a brand that fits your foot snugly, but without friction points or pain---regardless of size.

Where To Buy

Visit a specialty footwear store in order to find a selection of shoes intended for narrow feet. Call ahead to check whether your brand and style are in stock in narrow width.

Go online for the best possible selection of shoes. sells shoes specifically for those who have narrow feet. Other online retailers carry multiple brands with detailed descriptions and sizing. You may be able to order a preferred brand through the shoe company's website or ask them to direct you to a retailer who carries their product in the width you require.


Running shoes in 2009 typically cost from $30 to $300. Newer models tend to hover between $80 and $140. Narrow styles do not tend to cost more, rather there tend to be fewer varieties available for consideration. Certain brands, such as New Balance, offer a range of widths in most sizes and styles.

Buy vintage shoes if you want some of the old school features and a moderate price. These shoes run between $20 and $100 and can be found on Internet auction sites and through their original manufacturers.

Insider Tips

Fits which fall between choices in width can be adjusted through use of thicker or thinner socks in some cases. It is recommended that you choose the larger of the two if you fall between widths, as it is normal for feet to swell during use.

Women have a more narrow heel than men. It is especially important that a running shoe fit a woman in the heel, as any sloppiness will increase as the shoe becomes worn and loses its rigidity.

There is no perfect shoe for everyone. Consider each shoe on the basis of your own needs and feel.

Article Written By Alice Moon

Alice Moon is a freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience. She was chosen as a Smithsonian Institute intern, working for the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and has traveled throughout Asia. Moon holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Ball State University.

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