About Affordable Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bags

About Affordable Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bags



What To Look For

Shopping for a backpacking sleeping bag has become an outdoor enthusiast's dream as manufacturers go head-to-head developing new technologies and materials to make lighter and more durable products. When comparison shopping for a new sleeping bag, you want to find one that is lightweight and will keep you warm on the chilliest night. While many down-filled backpacking sleeping bags built for cold weather still cost a pretty penny, manufacturers such as Marmot and The North Face are producing synthetic filled bags that are light in your pack and on your pocketbook. Highly compressible while retaining maximum warmth, these bags are a budget-conscious backpackers dream come true.

As with any other sleeping bag you want to pick a comfort temperature rating that suits the environment to which you are traveling. Most seasonal backpackers will find a three-season sleeping bag temperature rated +15 to +32 ideal for their needs. Bags are rated by the lowest outside temperature the bag will keep your body warm; if you plan to venture into areas that are much warmer or colder, then plan accordingly.

Common Pitfalls

Backpacking sleeping bags provide warmth for your body by holding in warm air and blocking out the cold, so avoid purchasing a bag that leaves too much extra space around your body. The less space there is to heat, the more quickly you will warm up after zipping up. Get a first-hand feel and fit for each sleeping bag you are considering by visiting your local outdoor retailer.

Where To Buy

Quality backpacking sleeping bags made from lightweight synthetic fills are available at discounted prices through online outdoor retailers, such as Trails.com. If you are looking to have your new sleeping bag right away, consider purchasing it at your local retailer, which will save you cost on shipping as well.


Lightweight synthetic filled sleeping bags are a great bargain depending on the manufacturer. When purchasing a sleeping bag, weigh the quality and price to find a product that will suit your needs and budget.

Insider Tips

Hanging up your sleeping bag or storing it inside an oversized cotton sack will prolong its life and your investment. Sleeping bags that are stored in a compressed form will eventually loose loft and insulating warmth.


Article Written By Patricia Poulin

Patricia Poulin is a freelance writer based out of the western slope of Colorado. Poulin's travels and insight have chronicled in print media resources, such as "Inside Outside" and "Breathe" magazine. She is also a regular contributor for other various publications including "USA Today." Poulin holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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