How Do I Select the Correct Walking Shoes?

How Do I Select the Correct Walking Shoes?

What To Look For

When purchasing walking shoes, it’s imperative to pay attention to the construction of the walking shoes and how they feel on your feet. The most important thing to consider is the bend of the shoe, which must be closer to the ball of the toe for adequate foot and leg support when walking. You should also test the fit and whether the shoes will feel comfortable during a strenuous or long walk. states that walking shoes that are too narrow or too wide can give you painful blisters and calluses. It’s essential to check how much space you have widthwise and lengthwise before purchasing a pair of walking shoes. Press down on the shoe with your thumb and check that you have a little more than ½-inch of space on either side and at the front of the walking shoes.

Common Pitfalls

Don’t overspend or buy running shoes that claim to be safe for walking; only purchase walking shoes that are designed specifically for walking. Purchasing the wrong size walking shoes could cause damage to your foot and leg muscles. It’s not a good idea to purchase a pair of walking shoes just because they are the “correct” size; you must also test the fit. You want the walking shoes to feel snug, but not restrictive. Walk around the store and, if possible, walk down a slope, which will reveal looseness or tightness that would otherwise go unnoticed when sitting.

Where To Buy

Because the level of foot, ankle and leg support that the walking shoes provide relies on good construction and accurate sizing, stick with established walking shoe manufacturers. You can purchase walking shoes from online retailers or authorized dealers of the individual manufacturers such as Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker and Road Runner Sports. Manufacturers, such as New Balance, Reebok, Nike and Asics, feature a variety of walking shoe styles designed specifically for children and adults.


The cost of walking shoes depends on the style and manufacturer and the amount of added features, such as embedded air pumps for added ventilation. Generally, the Road Runner Sports lists the price range for adult walking shoes between $80 and $100. Fortunately, there are many sales that can drop that price range to $30 to $50 dollars. Once you purchase your walking shoes, you can walk any trail without fear of pain from poorly fitted walking shoes.

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