Pflueger Summit vs. Trion Fly Reel

Pflueger Summit vs. Trion Fly Reel

What To Look For

Pflueger has been making quality fishing gear since 1881. The company's latest Summit and Trion fly reels are impressing anglers all over the globe. Both reels feature advanced aluminum frame construction making them formidable allies on the water. Both models will also help anglers with smooth operation thanks to multiple ball bearings, but these reels are specifically designed for different fishing applications.

Common Pitfalls

One problem an angler might encounter with a Summit is its weight. The 1634, a 3/4-weight model, weighs 6.3 ounces while a comparable 3/4-weight model from another manufacturer weighs in at 4.6 or 4.8 ounces. The Trion features a rosewood knob which is appealing to the eye, but when wet, could become slippery.

Where To Buy

Tracking down a Pflueger Summit or Trion will not be too hard. They can be found at Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority locations throughout the United States. If buying online, try or


The Pflueger Summit is more affordable at $52 to $70, and the Trion can be found for $85 to $120. The heavier-rated reels for saltwater applications will run toward the high end price. Spare spools will run $49 to $53 for the Summit and $34 for a spare Trion spool.

Comparison Shopping

Price is a major factor that separates the Pflueger line from other makes. Abel, Orvis, G-Loomis and Ross all make reels that offer disc drags, forged, machined and anodized aluminum frames and spools, smooth ball bearing operation and convertible left/right hand retrieves, but most of these models run $100 to $600. The difference in money is most evident in the higher-end reel's lightweight design and overall durability.


A good Pflueger reel is worthless without a quality fly rod to pair it with and a spool of balanced fly line. Most fly fishermen will tell you to spend money on a rod not a reel. Anglers will look for a good drag system and decent construction, but a rod has to offer feel and castability. Fly line is the other component that should be an investment in the future. Taken care of, fly line can last a recreational fly angler for years, so don't be scared off by fly line that costs as much as a Pflueger reel.

Insider Tips

Spooling floating line on one spool and sinking line on a spare will enable anglers to make quick line changes to match changing conditions. It always pays to buy a spare spool at the time of the original purchase so you won't have to hunt for a replacement. Anglers would be fine with a Summit, but for specific smaller water opportunities where a large arbor fly reel isn't required, try the Trion.

Article Written By Brian La Rue

Perched atop the Mile High City, Brian La Rue has written outdoor-related articles since 1999. His features have appeared in magazine's including "Western Outdoors," "Fishing & Hunting News" and "High Country Angler." His work can be seen on "ESPN Outdoors." He holds a bachelor's in communications from Cal State Fullerton.

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