Earth Shoe Vs. Birkenstock

Earth Shoe Vs. Birkenstock

What To Look For

Earth Shoes use negative heel technology, which features a thick sole and a thin heel. This places the heel in a lower position, which the company says is a more natural arrangement. Birkenstocks, on the other hand, have insoles that are designed to conform with the shape of the bottom of your foot. The standard shoe has a flat insole, while Birkenstocks are curved and feature cups, bars and arches to match your feet.


Common Pitfalls

The single biggest problem a shopper will have is that Birkenstock does not have a full product line. While Earth Footwear sells everything from running shoes to sandals and boots, Birkenstock focuses on clogs, sandals and leather shoes. If you want a rugged Birkenstock sandal for hiking in tough conditions, you are out of luck.

Where To Buy

With specialized shoes, be certain of a good fit before making a purchase. This is especially the case with Birkenstocks, which are all about foot comfort. Go to a shoe store to try the products of these two shoe companies, and only buy the shoes online if you are already certain about the fit of the shoe.

Insider Tips

Choosing between these shoes should be easy for two reasons. First, if you need a pair of boots or tennis shoes, Birkenstock doesn't have them. Second, the two shoe companies sell very different kinds of shoes. While Earth Footwear does make some claims about how its shoes are better for your feet, its main point is that wearing its shoes makes walking more demanding, thereby burning more calories and toning your muscles. Birkenstocks, on the other hand, are all about having a comfy pair of shoes that are good for your feet.


Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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