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New Brunswick, an Atlantic province, shares a common border with Maine, but once you enter the area you know you’re not in New England anymore. Of the approximately 34,000 Loyalists who fled America for Nova Scotia at the end of the revolution, more than 14,000 settled in present-day New Brunswick. This Loyalist fervor is alive and well in some quarters, although American tourists are graciously welcomed (bygones are indeed bygones). There’s a French influence as well in the eastern and northern sections where descendants of the Acadians, or French settlers, still reside. New Brunswick bordered on the east by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on the south by the Bay of Fundy, offers rocky coasts, lush green countryside, and several interesting cities. The Fundy Coast and the Saint John River Valley are of special interest because of their proximity to the United States and their many offerings for families. This eTrail is one complete vacation written with families in mind. It’s loaded with exciting things to do, family-friendly places to lodge and dine, recommended side trips, local sources of information, and detailed travel directions.

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