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The views from atop Woodchute Mountain are highly scenic, and so is your way there. The footpath winds northward through chapparal and mixed conifer forests characterized by scrub oak, manzanita, alligator juniper, prickly pear cacti, Gambel oaks, and ponderosa pines. Porous volcanic rocks sporting colorful colonies of lichens make faces at you from the trailsides. Wet winters yield dazzling and abundant spring wildflowers; oaks lend autumn color to this high desert landscape. You start out in a fairly heavy pine forest and pass through a gate affixed to two ponderosas to enter the Woodchute Wilderness. The trail is a comfortable, compacted path dusted here and there with cinder or gravel; a few loose, rocky segments pop up on the steeper inclines/declines, so watch your footing. At 0.8 mile from the parking area, the first of many beautiful views opens up—on a clear day here, you can see the red rock cliffs surrounding Sedona. Just off trail, ascend a promontory guarded by ponderosa pines and a giant alligator juniper with cacti growing at its feet; visible from here are the road in the tree-lined canyon below you and the San Francisco Peaks to the north.

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