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Although small, the Mount Baldy Wilderness in the White Mountains is one of Arizona’s most popular wilderness areas. Slopes heavily forested with corkbark fir, ponderosa pine, white fir, and Engelmann spruce, five miles of trout stream, lovely meadows, abundant wildlife, and a cool, wet climate make Mount Baldy a favorite Rim Country destination among outdoor lovers. So great is its popularity, in fact, that the Forest Service limits the size of hiking and equestrian groups to twelve and overnight camping groups to six. The 11,403-foot summit of Mount Baldy itself is on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation just outside the wilderness area. Sacred to the White Mountain Apache Tribe for whom the summit is host to mountain spirits, the peak is closed to outsiders. Trespassers may have their equipment confiscated or be arrested and fined. This trail guide covers an area with 14 miles of trails.

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