How Big Are Passport Photos?

How Big Are Passport Photos?
Before you can set off to discover the natural wonders of the world, you need to apply for a passport. Many passport applications are rejected due to bad quality or incorrectly sized photos. Make sure your passport photos meet your country's requirements.

United States

The United States requires square photos, while most other countries require rectangular ones. Your passport photos for the U.S. will need to be 2 by 2 inches. You can get U.S. passport-sized photos taken at many post offices and drugstores.


Canadian passport photos are rectangular. Photos should be 2 by 2 3/4 inches (50 by 70 mm).

United Kingdom, European Union and Australia

In Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia, the "standard" passport photo size is 35 mm by 45 mm. Your head must take up most of the photo, with the area from the top of the skull (not the hair) to the bottom of the chin measuring between 32 mm and 36 mm.


Photos for an Indian passport must be square like a United States passport, but are smaller: 35 mm by 35 mm (1.37 by 1.37 inches).

Other Countries

As passport photo sizes vary by country, it is important to check with your country's government offices before taking your passport photos. If you are living in your home country, check with the Department of State. If you are currently living abroad, check with the nearest embassy or consulate.

Article Written By Heather Carreiro

Heather Carreiro is a certified English teacher who has been writing since 2008. The editor of Matador Abroad, her work has appeared online at BootsnAll, Matador Network, GoNOMAD, Journey Beyond Travel and Expat Women. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is pursuing a Master of Arts in English at Bridgewater State University.

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