Louisiana Bird Identification

Louisiana Bird Identification
Some 459 species of birds comprise the Louisiana bird checklist, according to Wildbirds.com. With a number of varied ecosystems such as swamplands and coastal regions, the state offers a bird watcher the chance to see a diverse bird population.

State Bird

The brown pelican, the only species of pelican on Earth that is not white, is the state bird of Louisiana. It has a wingspan of 7.5 feet, dives from heights of 50 feet to scoop up fish and frequents marinas and docks along the coast.

Coastal Species

The coastal areas of Louisiana feature birds such as cormorants, petrels, gulls, plovers, sandpipers and terns. Inland species like storks, spoonbills, ibises, herons, loons, egrets, ducks and swans flock to the lakes and swamps.


Louisiana birds of prey include the fish-eating osprey, various kites like the Mississippi kite, many types of hawks and the bald eagle as well. Kestrels, falcons, merlins and different kinds of owls also feed on small mammals such as mice and squirrels in the state.


Multiple species from bird families such as the wrens, sparrows, warblers, towhees, finches, vireos and thrushes flit about Louisiana.


Louisiana is an excellent place to get a glimpse of the quick-moving hummingbirds, with 10 different species listed on its checklist of birds, including the rufous hummingbird and the ruby-throated variety.

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