What Are the Numbers on a Camera Lens?

What Are the Numbers on a Camera Lens?
Camera lenses are the most important part of any camera. The quality of the optics greatly affects picture quality. When looking at a camera lens, you will see a series of numbers that give you information about the lens.

SLR Lens Focal Length

Focal length is a more accurate way of looking at zoom in a telephoto lens, or how much magnification there is in a prime lens on an SLR. Common focal lengths are 18-55, 24-70, 50mm, 60mm, 70-200 and 70-300. These numbers will be printed on the lens by the glass.

Adjusting Focal Length

Rotating the lens barrel adjusts focal length on an SLR zoom lens; these numbers are printed on the lens barrel. For instance, a 24-70 will often list 24, 35, 50 and 70 on the barrel of the lens.


Aperture numbers, expressed as an F number, are also shown.

Variable Aperture numbers

If you see two F numbers, it is a variable aperture lens such as the Nikon 18-200 lens, which is an F3.5-5.6.

Point and Shoot

Point-and-shoot lenses will display the aperture for the lens, which is always variable. They will also usually list the optical zoom (3x, 4x) and focal length.

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