About Camping at National Parks

About Camping at National Parks
Camping at a national park can bring about the feeling of being one with nature. Camping within the park also allows for easy and full access to area hiking trails and landmarks. Many national parks allow campers to freely explore the backcountry areas and primitive locations within the parks jurisdiction.

Choosing a National Park

Before planning a camping trip, visiting the national park service website or nps.gov will help to establish what type of camping if any is available at each park. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail are two popular camping locations at national parks.


Determining area weather patterns by visiting weather.com will help establish what to pack for the trip.


For most national park campsites, a reservation is needed. Reservations can be made directly from nps.gov or by calling the campground's reservation hotline.

Locating a Site

Many campers, especially those using a tent prefer primitive campsites with no electricity or water when experiencing the national park's natural areas. Full service campsites may be available for RV enthusiasts in less primitive locations.

Camping Gear

Packing and bringing along the right camping gear for a camping excursion at a national park will assure that camp can be set up easily and sleeping quarters remain dry and comfortable. Bringing along a compass, trek poles and comfortable outdoor clothing is essential for maneuvering around backcountry areas and hiking trails.

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