What Do Buzzards Eat?

What Do Buzzards Eat?
Buzzards are birds of prey that are found in several areas throughout the world. There are 25 known species of buzzards. They use their keen sense of sight, raptorial talons and hooked beaks to catch food. Buzzards have strong swooping abilities but are unable to maneuver easily in the air---making them susceptible to being attacked and eaten by smaller bird flocks.


Many buzzards eat larger sized insects and invertebrates such as spiders, ants, moths, worms, beetles, flies and termites.



Buzzards have also been known to eat medium to large snakes, turtles, dead fish and frogs.

Young Birds

Young birds that may still be in the nest are very susceptible to being snatched and eaten by a buzzard. Small ducks that travel in and out of water may also fall victim to the swooping grip of a buzzard.


Rodents such as mice, prairie dogs, beavers, squirrels, rats and ground hogs can easily be caught and consumed by buzzards.

Dead Carcasses

Many buzzards will fly around in circles above dead carcasses and wait for the main predator to leave. Buzzards will eat almost any type of left over kill or carcass including large animals such as cows, deer and antelope.


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