About Track Spikes

About Track Spikes
Track spikes are a type of track and field shoe used for running, jumping and traction. Their main purpose is for the athlete to get the most out of their overall physical performance on a track. Most track spike shoes also have small spikes that are either permanent or replaceable to accommodate for each track and field event.

Types of Shoe Spikes

There are generally three main types of track spikes---pin, pyramid and compression tier. Most are made from steel, metal or ceramic.


Types of Shoes

Track spike shoes are made from synthetic materials and nylon with a Velcro or lace up front. The shoe should be form fitting but not uncomfortable for the athlete.


Pin spikes are commonly used for pole vault, discus, shot put events and practices to provide maximum support and traction. Pyramid spikes often used for long distance running and compression tier is used for hurdles and short distance running.


Some of the most popular brands of track spikes include Nike, Adidas, Mizuno and Brooks.


Track spike shoes and their spikes come an array of flashy and distinct colors in combinations and hues of green, yellow, red and blue---this is mainly for competition purposes to match up to similar team colors.


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