Amtrak Reservations & Information

Amtrak Reservations & Information
Amtrak is America's biggest passenger rail service. Information about routes, reservations and schedules is a must-have for any passenger wanting to travel on Amtrak.

Train Schedules

Every train has a schedule that shows when and from where it will depart, when it will arrive at its destination and scheduled stops along the way. This information can be obtained from your travel agent, your local passenger rail station or through Amtrak.


The schedules these trains follow are based on pre-planned routes the train must take. These routes highlight a region or multiple regions of the country.


Reservations can be made. Sometimes by purchasing a ticket in advance, one can get a special discounted price or other special deal.


Amtrak has a special website for Amtrak Guest Rewards where frequent travelers can earn points for traveling with Amtrak. These frequent travelers can then cash in those points for rewards such as discounts on trips and merchandise.

Know Before You Go

The Amtrak website has a section titled "Traveling with Amtrak." The section gives travelers details on every aspect of a train trip, from planning the trip to enjoying the train ride.

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