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  • Fishing Guide for Charleston Lake in Ontario, Canada

    Fishing Guide for Charleston Lake in Ontario, Canada
    Charleston Lake in Ontario is known in part for its great fishing. Many fishermen come from all over to cast in the lake's waters. Charleston Lake is heavily patrolled and rules are strictly enforced, but as long as they are followed, a great fishing experience is practically guaranteed.


    Charleston Lake is about nine miles long and stretches four miles wide, with a depth of around 450 feet in many places, making it easy to navigate and able to accommodate many boaters at once.



    Charleston Lake is well known for having large smallmouth bass, often times even larger than the largemouth bass in the lake. Both are in season from the end of June to the end of November.


    The lake is heavily patrolled, so proper boating safety should be followed as well as catching only those fish that are currently in season.

    Northern Pike

    Northern pike are a popular catch in Charleston Lake and are typically in season from the middle of May to the end of December.

    Lake Trout

    There are also plenty of lake trout in Charleston Lake, and they are usually in season from the end of May until early September.

    Year-Round Fishing

    It is possible to fish Charleston Lake year round, as bluegill, crappie and perch have permanently open seasons.


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