Anglers Fishing Information

Anglers Fishing Information
Anglers employ a number of methods to catch fish. From children fishing with bobbers in small ponds to hardy individuals venturing out on the ice, anglers have many options as they pursue their pastime.

Float Fishing

The beginner will often fish with a float attached to his line that suspends live bait such as a shiner in the water. The angler will observe the float for any sign a fish is biting and pull on the fishing rod to hook the fish when he suspects a bite.



Bait-casting reels and spinning reels are types of fishing reels that anglers will use on open water to cast live bait and artificial lures to fish. Fly fishermen will utilize a special reel to deliver a mock fly to the water's surface to fool fish into hitting it.


Trolling is a method of fishing in which an angler lets his line and bait out behind a traveling boat, hoping to attract fish to chase and ultimately bite at the moving lure.

Ice Angling

The frozen winter of northern regions does not stop anglers from fishing. People will bore holes in the ice and fish using devices such as tip-ups and jigging rods, catching species such as bass, pike, trout and crappies.


Anglers have the choice of trying their luck with live bait such as minnows, insects, worms and grubs, or with manufactured lures that replicate things fish eat. Some common fishing lures are spoons, plugs, buzzbaits, plastic aquatic creatures and spinner baits.


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