About Tlaxcala

About Tlaxcala
Tlaxcala is the name of both a state and a city within the country of Mexico. The full name of the city is Tlaxcala de Xicotencatl. It's within a few hours' travel or less of both Mexico City and Puebla. Tlaxcala is one of the smallest states of the republic, and it has one of the highest population densities.


According to the 2005 census, Tlaxcala state had a population of 1,068,207. Tlaxcala de Xicotencatl had a population of 15,777.


Tourist attractions in Tlaxcala include the Xochitécatl and Cacaxtla archaeological sites. There are also convents and cathedrals, the elaborate governmental palace constructed in 1545, the Inah Tlaxcala Regional Museum, the Tlaxcala Memory Museum and bullfighting celebrations.


While outdoor activities are not a major draw to Tlaxcala, hotels and resorts offer mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking.


Hundreds of people participate in a "running of the bulls" event. It's similar to the traditions of Pamplona Spain, and it occurs on the first Saturday after August 15 around noon.


Cacaxtla, 12 miles outside Tlaxcala City, may be the most popular place to hike and take in the sight of archaeological ruins from the Olmeca-Xicalanca civilization.


Tlaxcala state contains Mexico's fifth-highest mountain, La Malinche. which is 14,637 feet high. The state itself sits at an average elevation of around 6,500 feet above sea level.

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