Arizona Travel & Tourism

Arizona Travel & Tourism
From forbidding deserts to inspiring mountains, Arizona's landscapes beckon with the unfamiliar and the sublime. Although it was the last of the contiguous states to join the United States in 1912, it's now among the nation's fastest growing regions.

Getting There

Phoenix is the largest city in the Southwest, and it's your best entry to Arizona by air. Tucson and Flagstaff have small airports, but they are each only a two-hour drive from Phoenix.

Grand Canyon

Lying in the state's northwest quadrant, Grand Canyon National Park is the centerpiece of Arizona's natural attractions. Get there by car or bus from Flagstaff or Grand Canyon National Airport.


See Arizona's patchwork of desert ecosystems. There's the Sonoran Desert in its southwest, the Mojave in its west, the Painted in its northeast and the Chihuahuan in its extreme southeastern corner.

Red Rocks

The spiritual town of Sedona, just South of Flagstaff, offers fine food, art and spas. Go hiking or mountain biking in its spectacular red rock landscape.

Native Places

Native Americans have lived in these forbidding landscapes for some 12,000 years. View ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings at Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

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