Acadia National Park Facts

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island, which lies off the coast of Maine. Visitors travel to Acadia to climb its rugged peaks, take a ranger-guided boat tour, and relax by the scenic coast.

Things To Do

The diverse terrain at Acadia National Park offers visitors a variety of activities. Hike to the top of Cadillac Mountain, explore tide pools on the coast, or view the park from the comfort of a tour bus.



Acadia National Park has two main campgrounds: Blackwoods Campground and Seawall Campground. The campgrounds are primarily for tents and can be reserved through the National Recreation Reservation Service.


There is an entrance fee to visit Acadia between May 1 and October 31. The park has limited services the rest of the year and does not require an entrance fee.

Operating Hours and Seasons

The park is open all year and as of September 2009, the Hull Cover Visitor Center opens at 8 a.m. The visitor centers have limited hours during the winter months.

Visitor Centers

You will find information about the park at the Hulls Cover Visitor Center from April 15 through October 31. The park headquarters serves as the visitor center in the winter.


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