All Inclusive Cruise Line Information

All Inclusive Cruise Line Information
Cruise vacations are an excellent way for the outdoors enthusiast to enjoy a mix of luxury, indulgence, adventure and exercise. Most of the top-brand cruises are considered "all-inclusive" but be sure to check your ship to see exactly what that entails; there are minor differences on each.

Cruise Choices

Almost all cruises on the large, well-known liners are "all-incusive" vacations. Some of the biggest ships sail with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norweigan Cruise Lines and Princess.

Regular Dining

Generally, all food is included in your cruise vacation: three daily buffets (breakfast, lunch and dinner), nightly gourmet seated meals, 24-hour room service, fast food and pizza, and midnight buffets.

Specialty Dining

Many cruise ships have an additional fine dining restaurant where passengers may book a special meal at a low cost (approximately $30 to $50 per person). These meals are of the highest quality (usually including lobster and filet mignon) and diners enjoy personal service from trained waitstaff, peaceful surroundings and beautiful views.


Cruise ship entertainment, including Broadway-caliber shows, magicians, comedians, jazz and piano bars, and poolside comedy, is included in the price of your vacation. You may also access the ship's discos at no charge and enjoy the casino (but chips and bets are not included).


Because of liquor laws, alcohol is usually not included in the vacation price. Often the ship will have specials or a Captain's Night, where there is an open bar for a limited amount of time. Drinks may be charged to your cabin, but many ships allow you to bring a quantity of alcohol on board predeparture.

On Ship Activities

Activities included in your vacation vary by ship, but all will include access to the fitness center, walking trail and some fitness classes; dance lessons; art auctions; various contests; the library; lectures and seminars; and singles events. Shore excursions are not included.

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