Class B Vs. Class C RVs

Class B Vs. Class C RVs
A motorhome is a motorized recreational vehicle with living quarters and a driving area all under one roof. Class A motorhomes are the largest and most expensive, but Class B and Class C RVs provide plenty of comfort for camping and traveling.


Class B RVs are the smallest self-contained motorhomes, according to the Family Motor Coach Association. They feature a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping facilities. Class C RVs have more amenities and are more luxurious than Class B RVs.


Class B RVs range from 16 to 24 feet in length Class C RVs range from 20 to 35 feet in length. A Class B sleeps up to four people, while a Class C sleeps up to eight people.


Most Class C motorhomes are constructed on a specially manufactured van chassis, but some use a pickup truck chassis. Class B RVs use a van chassis and often are called van campers or van conversions.


A new Class B motorhome ranges in price from $41,000 to $74,000 as of this writing, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. A new Class C RV costs from $48,000 to $140,000.


Because of their smaller size, Class B RVs are easier to maneuver and get better gas mileage than Class C RVs.

Article Written By Linda Hinkle

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