What Does a Heart-Rate Monitor Measure?

What Does a Heart-Rate Monitor Measure?
Heart-rate monitors are a tool for monitoring and improving athletic performance. Basic model heart-rate monitors provide information about your average heart rate, high and low heart rate, and target zones. More advanced models can give you information about your caloric consumption and speed and distance.

Average Heart Rate

All heart-rate monitors give you a measure of average heart rate. Strapless models will give you an average heart rate every time you touch the fingertip sensors, and chest-strap models give you a continuous measure of average heart rate.

High and Low Heart Rate

Most basic heart-rate monitors give you the highest and lowest heart rates measured during a workout.

Target Zones

Heart-rate monitors will store information about your heart-rate training zones and alert you to when you have reached your target rates.

Calorie Consumption

Heart-rate monitors can provide you with information about how many calories were burned during your workout.

Speed and Distance

High-end heart-rate models can also provide information about your speed and distance. According to REI, these models use GPS or an accelerometer to show you how far and how fast you trained.

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