What Is the Purpose of Heart Rate Monitors?

What Is the Purpose of Heart Rate Monitors?
Heart-rate monitors measure your heart rate during exercise and are an excellent tool for monitoring and improving your performance. Heart-rate monitors can also prevent you from overtraining and help you keep your pace during a race.

Target Heart Rate

You need to first determine what your target rate is before using a heart-rate monitor. Target heart rates help you measure your fitness level and help monitor your progress.

Monitor Your Workouts

The main purpose of a heart-rate monitor is to help you maintain your target heart rate during a workout. Staying within your target zone ensures that you are getting the most effective workout.

Tracking Your Progress

Runner's World Magazine suggests using a heart-rate monitor to track your fitness. Run a mile at a comfortable pace, and then run a mile at the same pace a month later and your heart rate should be lower.

Prevent Undertraining and Overtraining

Using a heart-rate monitor will tell you if you are overexerting yourself on easy training days or if you need to exert more effort to reach a particular heart-rate zone.

Pacing During a Race

A heart-rate monitor is a great tool for monitoring your effort during a race. A heart rate monitor can help prevent you from pushing to hard early in a race.

Article Written By Wren Mcilroy

Based out of Salt Lake City, Wren Mcilroy has been writing outdoor recreation and travel-related articles for 3 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and biology from Winona State University in Minnesota.

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