How Do Strapless Heart Rate Monitors Work?

How Do Strapless Heart Rate Monitors Work?
Heart rate monitors determine your heart rate during exercise and are a great tool for tracking and improving your fitness. Strapless heart rate monitors measure your heart rate from your fingertips rather than by a strap around your chest.

Finger Tip Sensors

A strapless heart rate monitor works by taking your pulse from your fingertips. You can measure your heart rate at any time by placing your fingertips on a sensor on either a wristwatch or clip-on monitor.


A strapless heart rate monitor can be programmed with your target heart rate zones and will then let you know whether you are currently in your target zone.


A finger touch heart rate monitor looks just like a wristwatch and is more comfortable since there are no straps to wear.


A finger touch monitor offers less data than a chest-strap version since you only get data when your fingers are pressed to the sensors. According to REI, they also tend to be less accurate than using a chest-strap.


If you're just starting a fitness program, it is a good idea to consult your physician.

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