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  • Blue & John Crow Mountain National Park in Jamaica

    Blue & John Crow Mountain National Park in Jamaica
    The Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park in Jamaica is a tropical rainforest and home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna in the world. This park is made up of two mountain ranges--the Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains--with exquisite, widespread forest covering both of these ranges.

    Jamaica's Flora

    These mountain ranges boast of over 800 rare floras seen only here. The World Wildlife Fund and World Conservation Union have listed it as a site of global importance for the conservation of its diverse plants.

    Rare Fauna

    Its fauna include the Jamaican blackbird, yellow billed parrot, ring-tailed pigeon, various species of frogs, butterflies, rodents and a variety of migratory birds.

    Water Supply

    The numerous watershed units of the Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park are a major source of fresh water for various rural and urban areas of Jamaica.

    Hiking up Blue Mountain Peak

    The hike up Blue Mountain Peak is a major tourist attraction. These hikes are organized by tour operators. They start from Mavis Bank, pass through elfin woodlands and reach the summit at 7,402 feet.

    Hiking up Old Vinegar Trail

    Going up Old Vinegar Trail to the summit will take you through the historic wilderness of the forest, passing through Silver Hill Gap and Morris Gap at an elevation of 5,700 feet.

    Article Written By Amy Jorgensen

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