Travel to Chile From U.S. Requirements

Travel to Chile From U.S. Requirements
The requirements for international travel to Chile are very lax for American citizens. Traveling to Chile to trek, hike or explore the Andes for up to 90 days is simply a matter of arriving in Chile and paying an administrative fee.


You will need to have a passport to enter Chile. It can take four to six weeks to get a passport.


Chile does not require a visa for U.S. citizens traveling to Chile for less than three months.

Administrative Fee

Even though a visa isn't required, you will be charged a $131 reciprocity administrative fee upon entering Chile.

Long-Term Stays

Applications for stays longer than 90 days require a visa. Applications must be accompanied by any supporting documentation, such as offer of employment, letter of invitation, proof of marriage to a Chilean citizen and an explanation of the reason for the trip.

Student Visas

Student visas are available for study in Chilean high schools or universities. Applications must be accompanied by a health certificate that includes an HIV/AIDS test, an FBI background check, four color photos (2-by-2 inches) and a certification of financial support.

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