How Far From Rome to Venice?

How Far From Rome to Venice?
The geographical distance from Rome to Venice is 244.45 miles, or 393.39 km, traveling northwest. With a wide variety of sites between the two cities, travelers can enjoy the rural roads and big cities of Firenze and Bologna, depending on their chosen route and method of transportation.

By Foot

Walking along the most-direct, lower-traffic roads from Rome to Venice would be about 492 km and would take about four and a half days. Walkers head north out of the city on Via Salaria and continue on northbound roads to reach seaside Rimini, heading up the coast toward Venice.

By Car

Traveling by car on major roads, the trip takes 544 km and about 5.5 hours. Drivers take E35 north through Firenze and Bologna to reach Venice.

By Train

The trip to Venice from Rome by train takes between about five and seven hours, depending on which train route passengers take. Train-riders can find route information at (see Resources).

By Bicycle

Biking is possible by various routes. Bikers can visit the Italian Federation of Urban Bicyclists' website (see Resources) to find itineraries for suitable cycling roads.

Topographical Information

Rome, at 66 feet of elevation, and Venice, at sea level, are located on either side of the Apennine Mountains. These mountains stretch from the north to south along Italy's east coast.

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