Cruise Vacations With Kids

Cruise Vacations With Kids
Cruise ships provide an affordable way for families to have fun. Cruise lines group children's activities according to age and find unique ways to keep children happy.


Cruise ships contain many kid favorites: swimming pools, basketball courts and play rooms. Daycare services are provided along with youth programs for children three years and older.


Children policies vary by cruise lines. Cruise lines offer deeply discounted fares for children less than two years old.

Age Limits

Children younger than three months old are prohibited from traveling on cruise ships. Parents arriving with children younger than three months will not be allowed on the ship.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruises are recommended for children of all ages. They provide numerous activities: rock climbing walls, miniature golf and rollerblading, day care services and age-appropriate youth programs.


Carnival specializes in activities for teenagers; they also provide many options for young children. Carnival youth programs began with children two years and older.

Disney Cruises

The Disney Cruise Lines are considered the best for young children. Disney ships have bigger staterooms, offer youth activities for children three to 17 years old and provide child-centered entertainment options.

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