What Should I Know When on a Mexico Vacation?

What Should I Know When on a Mexico Vacation?
Mexico is a Latin American country that offers a variety of vacation destinations and activities for travelers. The country is home to beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and old world culture that provide an enriching vacation experience.


All travelers are required to have a valid passport to enter Mexico. U.S. citizens reentering the country via land, air or sea are required to have a valid U.S. passport.


Fluency in Spanish is important if you are traveling outside of resort areas or in major cities. However, most resort and tourism employees are fluent in English.


Drink bottled water to avoid gastrointestinal problems; however, food is perfectly safe to consume. In the event of illness, health care is affordable, advanced, very clean and safe.


Mexico is a fairly safe country. However, major cities and areas along highways have higher crime rates than resort areas.


Mexico offers a variety of lodging options, from upscale resorts to less expensive facilities that can provide adequate accommodations to budget travelers.

Internet Access

Mexico is rapidly expanding its Internet access. Internet cafes, hotels and resorts offer high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi access that allows travelers to stay connected during their journey.

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