Alaska Cruise Ship Information

Alaska Cruise Ship Information
Sailing the Alaskan shoreline on an Alaska cruise ship is a breathtaking experience. The large, snow-capped mountains, dense forests, glaciers and exotic wildlife are certain to amaze any traveler. There are several types of ships to sail through the Alaskan waters.

Contemporary Cruise Lines

Contemporary cruise lines that sail to Alaska are widely advertised cruises that offer a touch of luxury on a budget. Carnival, Princess and Royal Caribbean and others offer on-board entertainment and activities, as well as high-quality dining.

Premium Cruise Lines

Premium cruise lines to Alaska are a luxurious step up from the contemporary cruise lines. These cruise lines include Celebrity and Holland America.

Luxury Cruise Lines

Luxury cruise lines that sail the Alaskan waters add extravagance and indulgence to the cruise experience. Vacationers enjoy personalized service, spacious suites, exquisite cuisine and luxurious accommodations during their Alaskan tours.

Specialty Cruise Lines

Specialty or niche cruise lines also provide Alaskan tours. These are smaller vessels that are able to travel through some of Alaska's narrow waterways. These cruise lines accommodate far fewer travelers than the larger cruise ships. Cruise West is a specialty cruise line that conducts tours of Alaska.

When to Sail

Alaskan cruises are available during April through September when the ice and snow has melted. Some cruises are available for as little as $400. Book your Alaskan cruise in advance for a trip of a lifetime.

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