Where to Get Passport Photos Taken

Where to Get Passport Photos Taken
You can get your passport photos taken quickly and inexpensively at a number of places. You can probably find many passport photo centers in your area.


Many drugstores, such as CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens, take passport photos. They often post signs to advertise this service and direct you to it.

Post Offices

Many post offices take passport photos. Post office staff members know the requirements and will make sure your photos meet them. Some FedEx stores and other delivery service stores also will take them.


If you have AAA insurance, you might be able to get your photos taken there for free or for a low price. Call your local AAA for more details.

Large Stores

Many Wal-Mart stores and some department stores, such as Sears and J.C. Penney, take passport photos. If a store has a photo department, ask whether they take passport photos.

Doing It Yourself

You could take your passport photos yourself, if they meet the specifications on the U.S. Department of State website (under References). The website provides instructions for taking photos, such as making sure the shot provides a full frontal view of the face. Taking your own photos can be tricky, however, and it's often worth the small price to have them taken professionally.

Cost of Passport Photos

Passport photos often cost less than $10, and usually less than $15. Since so many places take passport photos, if one charges a price that seems unreasonable, check around to find out whether you can get it done more cheaply somewhere else.

Article Written By Melanie J. Martin

Melanie J. Martin specializes in environmental issues and sustainable living. Her work has appeared in venues such as the Environmental News Network, "Ocean" magazine and "GREEN Retailer." Martin holds a Master of Arts in English.

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