Rhine Valley Tourism

Rhine Valley Tourism
The Rhine Valley is quickly becoming a favorite destination for tourists in Germany. Located between Koblenz and Mainz, the area offers vineyards, castles and places to enjoy traditional food and drink.

Burg Rheinfels

A fortress built in 1245 now serves as a busy riverside promenade. The ruins and subterranean tunnels make exploring interesting and exciting for children and adults.


Located on the east bank in the town of Koblenz, it was built to be a backbone of the fortification system. It now serves multiple purposes as a youth hostel, restaurant and museum.


Bingen Youth Hostel sleeps up to 121 people in single-, two- and four-capacity rooms. It sits close to local museums, historical sites and hiking paths. It offers tenants use of a swimming pool, tennis court and discounted fees at on-site restaurants.

River Cruises

Cruises are offered strictly on the Rhine River, while others combine with waterways in Austria, Hungary or the Netherlands. Tours are offered of the 11th century cathedral of Emperor Heinrich II as well as different regions and sites along the way.

Driving Tours

Both the right and left banks offer do-it-yourself driving tours. Both sides of the river provide easy-to-navigate attractions for any kind of trip. Museums, churches, castles and hiking are available in both areas.

Loreley Rock

Located on the east side of the river, it has become a well-known site for tourists. It has become notable as the site of many boat wrecks on the river. It is also the source of a legend about the voices of the Lorelei.

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