About Dunoon, Scotland

About Dunoon, Scotland
Dunoon is located on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll, Scotland. This resort town boasts lovely scenery, a number of outdoor activities and historic locations, all within easy walking distance.

Natural Attractions

Dunoon has a number of natural attractions in the town and nearby, including the Ardkinglas Woodland Garden, the Benmore Botanic Gardens and mile-and-a-half-long Morag's Fairy Glen, with a river passing through it in waterfalls and pools.

Outdoor Recreation

Sailing, fishing and horseback riding are all outdoor recreation options in Dunoon.


The Cowal Way is a 47-mile long hiking trail that runs the length of the Cowal Peninsula, passing by forests, waterfalls, lakeshores and hill passes.

Mechanized Activities

Mechanized outdoor activities available in Dunoon include quadbike (ATV) riding, bicycling on country roads or mountain biking.

Rainy Days

There's a local leisure center--a gym--available for workouts on rainy days that keep you inside.

Fun Fact

Dunoon hosts the Cowal Highland Gathering, which is the largest Scottish Highland Games event in the world. The Gathering is usually held in August.

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