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  • Information on Fishing in Washington State

    Information on Fishing in Washington State
    Washington state provides anglers with wonderful fishing opportunities for such species as rainbow trout, brown trout, bass, crappie and walleye. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife oversees freshwater fishing as well as saltwater fishing off the coast in the state.


    The Department of Fish and Wildlife operates offices in Mill Creek, Ephrata, Yakima and Spokane.

    Loss of License

    Under Washington law, anyone who assaults an officer of the fish and wildlife agency or willingly fishes for endangered species loses his fishing privileges for as long as five years.

    Combination License

    A Washington state combination license allows an angler to pursue freshwater as well as saltwater fish. These licenses, which are available at a reduced fee for residents and visitors to the state, cover as short a span as one through five days.

    Catch Record Card

    Anglers who fish for steelhead, salmon, halibut and sturgeon in Washington must have in their possession a "catch record card," which allows authorities to track the number of fish of these species that anglers catch.


    Individuals must fill out the catch record card with the proper data and mail it in to the Department of Fish and Wildlife address, even if they fail to catch a fish.

    Legally Hooked

    Any fish that an angler fails to hook inside the mouth or on its head is not a legal fish in the state, therefore the individual must immediately let such a fish go.

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