Amtrak Fare Information

Amtrak Fare Information
Booking tickets on an Amtrak train is a wonderful way to see North America. Fares on Amtrak vary based on where you want to go and what you are bringing with you, but no matter what you pay, the trains provide scenic views and access to both urban centers and the outposts in between.

Time Frame

You must purchase your tickets for Amtrak before boarding the train. Amtrak discounts tickets that are purchased far before the travel date, and allows customers to purchase tickets up to 11 months in advance.

Peak Times

In the Northeast corridor (any travel between Washington D.C. and Boston), ticket prices vary based on the time of day. During peak commuter times, travel in this corridor becomes more expensive. Fares on all routes are higher during holidays. Summer weekend fares may be pricier too, depending on the route.

Sleeper Cars

If you wish to reserve sleeping accommodations on a train, you will have to pay an added fare. The total price of a fare in a sleeper car is the usual coach fare, plus the additional sleeping accommodations cost. If you're traveling alone, this may end up being close in price, or more expensive than, a comparable plane ticket; however, if you're traveling in a group the cost is more reasonable as your party only gets charged once for accommodations. Meals are often included with sleeper service.

Luggage and Bicycles

All Amtrak trains offer checked baggage services, allowing up to three pieces of checked baggage. The total weight limit for all three pieces combined is 50 pounds, and any additional baggage will carry an added cost.

Bicycle Travel

Several Amtrak train routes have bicycle racks, and space for bicycles can be reserved for $5 to $10, depending on the length of the trip. Since the bike racks provide limited space, reservations for bicycles should be made in advance. On trains where bike racks are not available, customers can purchase a box that will fit their bicycle for $15, and the bicycle will be carried as checked baggage.


Amtrak offers multi-stop rail passes in 15-, 30- and 45-day increments. Passes are for coach service only, although on most lines you'll have the option of upgrading to sleeper service for an extra fee.

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