Bali Tourism

Bali Tourism
Idealized as a perfect tropical paradise, the island of Bali attracts tourists to its celebrations of the spiritual relationships between God, man and nature. It is part of Indonesia, with the Java Sea to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south.


With daytime temperatures hovering between 68 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit, Bali boasts perfect outdoor weather except during rainy season, which runs from October to March.

Getting there

Though direct flights exist, most air travelers connect through Jakarta, Singapore or Hong Kong to reach the island.


Americans require a passport valid at least six months after the entry date and must pay a small fee for a visa-on-arrival that can last either seven or 30 days.

Getting around

Though taxis, buses and rental vehicles are available, the most distinctive transportation is the bemo, an inexpensive, small van with a government-set route.


The island boasts many beaches, restaurants and nightclubs. Traditional Indonesian villages, Hindu temples and historical palaces also attract the culturally aware.

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