Ohio Camping: Firewood Rules

Ohio Camping: Firewood Rules
Building a campfire is a part of camping tradition. In Ohio, you might be breaking state laws if you bring your own wood and don't burn it completely. The emerald ash borer, EAB, has become a major pest in Ohio and surrounding states, and has devastated ash tree populations. In an effort to control the spread, Ohio has enacted restrictions for the transport and use of firewood.

Local Wood

To prevent or slow the spread of EAB, Ohio has enacted regulations prohibiting the transportation of firewood from more than 40 counties. If you are camping anywhere in Ohio, use only local woods. Don't take any firewood from the area that it is harvested in.

Finding Acceptable Firewood

Ohio certifies firewood dealers to sell EAB free wood. An updated list of dealers can be found on the Ohio Department of Agriculture website.


Penalties for transporting wood out of quarantined counties can be steep. You might be fined up to $4,000 and face other penalties.


The EAB affects ash trees that are identifiable by dead or dying upper branches and leaves. The borer is metallic emerald green and about 1/2 inch long. They create indented trails under the bark of the trees.

Other Suggestions to Prevent the Spread

If you build a campfire, make sure the wood is burned completely to destroy any insects. Also, know who you get firewood from and make sure they are approved dealers.


Article Written By Catherine Rayburn-Trobaug

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