About the Twelve Apostles of Australia

About the Twelve Apostles of Australia
The Twelve Apostles are pillars of stone created by an amazing geographic phenomenon in the Southern Ocean off the Australia coastline.


Erosion in the limestone cliffs created groves in the coast and over many years they meet and became arches. The arches eventually collapsed, creating the pillars seen today.

Name History

The Twelve Apostles were originally called "Sow and Piglets," referring to Muttonbird Island (the "sow") and the rising stone structures ("piglets").


The Twelve Apostles are located along the Great Ocean Road on the coastline of Port Campbell National Park and in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Victoria, Australia.


According to Victoria Parks, scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking are some of the things you can do in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, while bushwalking (hiking), camping and cycling are some activities you can do in Port Campbell National Park.

Fun Fact

According to Australian Explorer, more Apostles are being created as the limestone is being eroded at a rate of two cm per year.

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