Ohio Fishing Regulations

Ohio Fishing Regulations
The fishing regulations in Ohio are under the state's Department of Natural Resources jurisdiction. An angler planning to fish in the Buckeye State should familiarize herself with the rules to be compliant with them.


An angler does not require a fishing license in Ohio if she is under 16 years old, aiding a physically disabled angler, fishing on their parents' land or their own land or are on furlough or annual leave while in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Size Limits

Few fish in Ohio have size limits assigned to them. An angler may keep one channel catfish that is 28 inches long or larger and one of the blue or flathead variety 35 inches or longer.

Site Specific

There are site specific limits on certain species taken from certain waters, such as the minimum length imposed on walleyes taken from C.J. Brown Reservoir, Berlin Lake, Lake Milton and parts of the Mahoning River.

Ohio River

Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia came to a mutual agreement in 1994 about the special regulations as they apply to the Ohio River, which is the border between Ohio and the other two states.


Setlines or banklines--single-hooked unattended baited lines--are legal in Ohio as long as the owner has his name and address attached on them and there are no more than 50 lines in the water.

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