Information on Lazy Ike Lures

Information on Lazy Ike Lures
An immigrant from Austria named Joseph Kautzky discovered the high-quality lures carved by a Kansas angler in the 1930s and called them "Lazy Ikes." These lures have proven effective for decades at catching species such as bass, pike and walleye.


Newel Daniels of Fort Dodge, Kansas, hand-carved from wood his own type of curved fishing lures. When Kautzky, who had a thriving sporting goods business, saw the lures, he hired Daniels to produce them.



Daniels single handedly carved all the Lazy Ikes sold from 1938 through 1940 before leaving the company and giving the rights of the lures to Kautzky.


Despite the loss of Daniels and his skills, the hand-carving production of Lazy Ikes continued until 1945, when a wood lathe took over the job of turning out the wooden lures.


The lures remained wooden until 1960, when it became more practical to make them from plastic.

Mighty Ike

One example of a Lazy Ike lure is the Mighty Ike, a lure designed for trolling and shallow cranking. It is 3 inches long, fitted with two No. 6 treble hooks and comes in colors such as pink, metallic blue and yellow.


The banana-like shape of the Lazy Ike causes it to "wobble" in the water, a motion that makes it attractive to many game fish.


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