Can Road Bike Tires Be Overinflated?

Can Road Bike Tires Be Overinflated?
Yes, it is possible to overinflate your tires. Proper tire inflation is one of the easiest but also most overlooked aspects of bike maintenance. Bicycles are safest and most efficient when the tires are inflated properly; both overinflation and underinflation can have negative effects.


Overinflated tires can be prone to flats, since the increased air pressure puts more stress on all parts of the tube and the tire. Overinflated tires also provide less traction.


A tire with too little air pressure will not only ride poorly, but will also be prone to pinch flats, which happen when the tube is pinched against the rim while going over a bump. Tires naturally lose air over time, and will eventually go flat if more air is not pumped into them.

Manufacturer Recommendations

All modern bike tires have pressure recommendations printed on the side of the tire. Each time you ride, check to make sure your tire is inflated to the correct pressure.

Proper Inflation

Properly inflated tires will resist flats, ride comfortably, provide traction, and help the bike perform efficiently and safely.


Many tires specify a range of pressures (such as 50 to 70 psi). If this is the case with your tires, feel free to experiment. In general, heavier riders should use a higher pressure. Also, lower pressures are better for riding on soft surfaces, such as sand, mud, or snow.

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