British Columbia Fishing Regulations

British Columbia Fishing Regulations
The Ministry of Environment's fishing regulations govern the sport of angling in British Columbia. The Canadian province is full of lakes, rivers and streams where anglers can enjoy this pastime as long as they pay attention to the rules.


In British Columbia, an angler must possess a valid fishing license if she is older than 15 years old. The individual must carry the license while in the process of fishing and produce it upon demand from a conservation officer.

Spear Fishing

An individual can spear fish for species considered nongame fish such as carp. Burbot, a freshwater relative of cod, are also eligible for spear fishing in certain regions of the province.

Two Lines

It is unlawful to employ more than one fishing line while angling in British Columbia with the exception being a person all alone in a boat while fishing a lake; he can utilize as many as two lines.

Protected Species

Certain species within the borders of the province are on the protected list, and anglers cannot fish for them. These include the giant stickleback, the speckled dace, the white sturgeon and the green sturgeon.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishermen must adhere to the regulation stating an angler can have only one line in the water with only one artificial ice fly or lure attached to it.

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