Fishing Information

Fishing Information
There are many aspects to fishing, including the equipment necessary to pursue fish. Anglers employ a variety of methods to catch fish on America's lakes, rivers, streams and in its coastal waters.


People will fish from the shore, wade into the water to fish, fish on the ice in cold climates and fish from boats. Popular game fish species in the United States include bass, trout, pike, catfish, striped bass, bluefish and muskellunge.



The kinds of fishing reels anglers choose include spinning, fly fishing, trolling and bait casting. These reels deploy and gather fishing line, and the angler mounts them on fishing rods.


Fishing rods composed of such materials as graphite and fiberglass possess different levels of strength and flexibility.

Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is a fishing term that describes the hooks, weights, swivels, sinkers, leaders and fishing floats that anglers equip their lines with to catch fish.

Live Bait

Live bait that anglers favor includes night crawlers, crayfish, and small bait fishes such as minnows, insects and eels.


Lures designed to resemble such things as worms, mice, frogs and shiners come in many forms. Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, plastic lures and surface baits are some of the artificial lures anglers utilize.


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