Brown Bird Identification

Brown Bird Identification
Brown is a common color in birds. The color allows a bird to better hide from prey by blending into its surroundings.


Many types of grouse are mostly brown, with a bit of white interspersed in their feathers. Species such as the sharp-tailed grouse, a resident of the northern Midwest states, have light-brown feathers over most of their bodies.


The thrush is another mostly brown bird. The smallish Bicknell's thrush of the Atlantic Coast, for example, is brown on the top with a white belly with brown markings.


North America's biggest game bird, the wild turkey is dark brown with a blue head devoid of feathers. The wattles hanging from its throat are orangish-red.


Wrens are a typically brown species and among the smallest birds in the United States. The Carolina wren averages just 6 inches in length, is primarily brown above and possesses a buff or cream-colored breast.


The northern bobwhite has a mottled combination of brown and white feathers that make it nearly impossible to detect in the woods, even when an observer is looking right at it.

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