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  • Basic Information on Italy

    Basic Information on Italy
    Italy features a number of basic activities throughout the country for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. These include horse riding, kayaking, hiking, golfing, and the enjoyment of vast parks and wetlands. From just outside of Rome to the villages in mountaintop regions, Italy provides a number of enjoyable activities for tourists and citizens.

    Italia a Cavallo

    Outdoor equestrian enthusiasts can visit Italy and take advantage of a nearly 1,500-mile trek from the southwest portion of the country to the northeast. The trails begin in Sicily, and take riders through a number of small villages and sites.

    Elba Island

    The largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba features some of the most popular kayaking sites in the country. The warm waters surround 91 miles of coastline, providing a tranquil location for kayaking.


    Surrounding Italy's largest city, Rome, is a number of trails for hikers. These trails take tourists and outdoor enthusiasts through forests and the countryside. Visitors can see ruins from ancient Rome, and experience the food and culture of outer-Roman villages.


    Throughout Italy, a number of national and regional parks can be used for hiking and camping. These parks are located throughout the Alps and Apennines mountains, along the rivers and lakes, and on islands and the coasts.

    Poggio Dei Medici

    Translated to "The Hill of Medici," Poggio Dei Medici offers accommodations that include spas and restaurants. But the reason most travelers visit the area is to take advantage of the unique golfing. Features on the course include a number of trees, villages and castles.

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