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  • Bus Travel in South Africa

    Bus Travel in South Africa
    Traveling to South Africa has a way of opening up people's eyes. The cities have plenty to do, whether you are looking to go out for a night on the town or to explore the varied cultural exhibits in the country. The natural landscapes, incredible beaches, wold-famous surfing and tasty foods are just a few other reasons why so many people visit South Africa. While there, take advantage of one of the various bus services available for reliable and cheap transportation within and between the many towns and cities.

    Cape Town Buses

    Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, has a Golden Arrow bus service that runs through the city and coast until the evening. The City Sightseeing Cape Town bus service is another alternative often used by foreigners.

    Baz Bus

    The Baz Bus is a popular and convenient bus service for backpackers. It travels along the coast and stops at over 180 hostels in just over 40 towns and villages.


    Intercape is one of the more luxurious bus service companies in South Africa. It is privately owned and is a highly reliable form of travel, though it is a bit pricier than other options.

    SA Roadlink

    SA Roadlink is another major bus company that offers weekly specials and a fairly affordable and comprehensive list of routes.


    Greyhound, one of the largest and most widely-recognized bus companies, operates throughout South Africa. With this company, there are regular specials as well as discounts for students, seniors and frequent travelers.

    Article Written By Mark Orwell

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