Information About Kruger National Park

Information About Kruger National Park
From butterflies to baboons strutting down the road, Kruger National Park in South Africa offers an amazing opportunity to view wildlife in natural habitats. The best time to visit is during the winter dry season from July through October.


Kruger National Park offers many safari options for singles, couples and families. Go for bush walks and jeep drives through the pristine African bush. At the end of the day, watch ethnic dancing and listen to stories of the region.


Choose from luxurious lodge accommodations complete with private baths and showers, or tent camping with outdoor showers. Cottages, huts, guest houses and bungalows are also available.


View mammals such as the Bat Eared Fox or the Pangolin with its armor of brown scales. Watch the Bateleur eagle, famous for its aerial acrobatics.
See the treacherous Black Mamba snake from a distance; its venom is neurotoxic and cardiotoxic.

Wilderness Trails

Ten wilderness trails trips take you to view bushman paintings, lion prides and the black and white rhinoceros. You'll walk up to 12.4 miles per day and be with a maximum of eight people.

Eco Training

Learn about conservation management, botany and grasses, geology, astronomy and more in the eco-training experiences. These trips include meals, lectures and game walks.

General Information

Emergency rescue is available. Carry a copy of your passport and visas packed separately from your original documents. Stay with your luggage and put valuables in a pocket.

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