Health Advice for Travelers

Health Advice for Travelers
When preparing for your next trip, you should consider how you will remain healthy. Research where you are going and what risks exist. Plan and pack accordingly.


If you are heading abroad, find out what immunizations are required for travel to that country and get vaccinated.

Food Safety

If camping or hiking, pack your food in watertight containers or bags. Keep your raw and cooked foods separate, and keep refrigerated foods chilled.

Hand Washing

One of the best ways to avoid sickness while traveling is washing your hands frequently. Use soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer that does not require water.

Insect Repellent

Using insect repellent will help protect you from mosquito bites, which can cause West Nile Virus, and tick bites, which can cause Lyme Disease. You should also wear pants and long sleeves for the best protection.


Use a sunscreen to prevent sunburns while outside. It should be a broad spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.

First Aid

When preparing for travel, be sure to pack your first aid kit including bandages and antiseptic wipes.

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