What Types of Food Can One Travel With on an International Flight?

What Types of Food Can One Travel With on an International Flight?
With newer, more strict regulations on international flights from the United States, travelers are often confused about what items can be carried onto the flight.


When traveling from the United States on an international flight, most solid foods are permitted through security as long as they are sealed or wrapped in plastic.


Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are allowed, but they cannot be bitten, peeled or chopped. If they are, they must be sealed in plastic.


No liquids more than 3 oz. are allowed, and those must be sealed in a clear, zip-top plastic bag. The liquid rule is reserved for toiletries. Don't try to bring a bottle of water or soda; you will have to throw it away at security.


All food must be scanned and cannot cause any kind of mess or spill, so if there is any chance of that, the food will have to be disposed of at security.


Any food purchased after going through security will be allowed on the flight. It might be more expensive, but at least you know it's cleared.


The Transportation Security Administration says baby formula, breast milk and/or medicines are fine, but they must be checked by security.



Article Written By Eddie Wright

Eddie Wright is a freelance writer based in San Francisco. He has worked in television since 2004 and is the author of the novella, "Broken Bulbs." He writes as the cult classics examiner for Examiner.com. Wright has a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Monmouth University

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